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Our Goals

Our goal is to help families like ours. When Emma was born, we knew she was going to need a lot of attention and care. Our income is too high, so we do not have any medical assistance for her. We have to pay for private health care. Unfortunately, we will continue to incur debt because of this. She does not receive Social Security or Medicaid. So our non-profit is to help families with some financial relief. Need assistance with traveling, doctor visits, or lodging? We would love to help you take some of the worry away so you can focus on your little one.


Fill out our application so we can qualify you for some financial relief.

We can assist each family up to three times a year on any of the needed financial relief listed above. 


* Your child/self needs to have a rare condition.

* Your income has to exceed the government qualifications for assistance.

* You have to provide proof of financial relief assistance (doctor appt). Or you are ok with us verifying with your doctor of your upcoming appt.

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